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Mass Effect: Hide And Seek P2.2 by JulianneKnight Mass Effect: Hide And Seek P2.2 by JulianneKnight

Mass Effect: Hide And Seek Pages:
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Mass Effect: HAS Pages (Last Update 06May2014)All 5-year-old Evren Brant wanted to do was explore space, see some of the galaxy’s top of the line ships, and meet some cool aliens. When his father, a representative from earth, brought his family with him on a trip to the Citadel, he thought he’d get his chance. He had no way of knowing how right he’d be. While Representative Jaron Brant was away in a meeting with Counselor Udina, his family’s hotel room is unexpectedly attacked by a gang of alien mercenaries and Evren is kidnapped. And it’s up to Commander Shepard, first human Spectre, to bring the boy home safe… before his kidnapping triggers full scale war with the Terminus.
I'll update this journal as I add new pages to Mass Effect: Hide And Seek.

Mass Effect: Hide And Seek is my first fan-comic series set in Bioware's Mass Effect universe. Mass Effect belongs to Bioware and I own nothing. 

Character Designs

It's DONE! Finally. Maybe...

Showing My WIPs: 
Page 6 Preview by JulianneKnightMass Effect: Hide And Seek - Page 6 Preview 2 by JulianneKnight

Mass Effect and all characters belong to Bioware (and I guess EA?) This is just a fan-comic that I make absolutely no money from in any way. I really just enjoy Mass Effect and I'm not done hanging out with the characters I've become so attached to. 

Feel free to repost this work on other websites, just do not claim it as yours and remember to link back to this page. :allowedplz:

If you liked this, or even if you didn't, please leave a comment telling me so. Feedback, positive or negative, is how artists improve. Thanks!

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Is kinda harder make critique for the comics, because comics is not just one page, its complex and very different from one picture - Its details are lowered for need to make lot of pictures in short time etc etc...I try to be fair and don't judge just one page but all 6 and I also try explain how i see each stat and why i rated so:)

Vision-For me, this stat should show, how good the comics represents the Mass Effect universe, if it's something what should never been created, going agaist all canons, or its some decent addon to universe or something supreme deep which makes universe way better?...honestly, it's just few pages without much story exposed, so is very hard to decide if it's deep or if it tell something new and 3 of 5...its good, its not shame for universe but it got not enought pages to be able make a epic's good start

Originality-I guess this stat is pretty as i can say from my experience, there is not much mass effect good free comicses, it's whole handy draw and not just copy of main plot got new ideas, interesting dialoges and promising story, so Hell yea...originality is your strong point...Maybe I bit overating originality, but for now only few good mass effect comicses keep go...less rivals -better rate:)

Technique-Simply the draw/linking coloring technique. Its decent, for one person its great, but compared to work of more people it's not the best thing possible-It is somewhere betwen average. You really putting a lot effort in textures, especialy on wrex armor and as good may result looks, I'm bit confused, because skin is totaly simple, without offence skin is for me the most weak point of this should be good if clothes and armors was simply too, but seriously good textured armor and supersimply skin is cocktail hard to swallow.At least 2colors of skin could gently help bypass the grand canyon betwen great made armor and poor made skin. Also colors are bit confusing. Wrex armor is so clear RED but all other colors are so shadowy...i understand its your style you like it, you do it nice, its decent and without doubt enought for comics, but its shadowy average technique.

Impact-For me impact says, how much art blows your minds, how much it hit your emotions. Especialy in comics, how much you lust for next episode. As I sayd in vision rate...Its too few pages to decide such thing. And honestly again, its decent story, no big action or hangover not much emotions in my head yet...i definetly looking for next page and wanna see it, but i still dont feel completly hooked by story or amaized by dialogues, characters etc...well lets see after more pages:)

I know the rating may look bit underated, but as i sayd on begining...lets judge it as complex work with story and progress...and there is simply not enought pages with such slow story tell to be amaizing enought ...It got potential, its interesting, BUT it definetly dont have technique which take breath and amaize ppl enought itself so it NEED great story or great character or great know comics dont need exelent draw style to be good, BUT without great draw style comics NEED something other to be interesting because the draw style is thing which kick in eyes know, to be interested by story you need to read few be interested by characters you need to read more be interested by draw style you need ONE look on any page...which makes thing when your style is not perfect its not loose, but you need to catch people up on other things and work more harder...i hope this can by any constructive for you and i wish your comics lot more pages and succes:)
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Ritualist Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good old Wrex, messing with crew. Looking at them menacingly, sitting next to Williams and calling humans space midgets. :lol:

Nice comic, even though it started rather dark ^^;
Mavya Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
Moreeee please!
JulianneKnight Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
AlaskanHighlander Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
Jesus, Wrex, you ate the damn bird in one bite....
Have fun shittin' out the bones.
GoldFlareon Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014
Lol Wrex. xD That's funny. I can understand why he'd think that. xD
Vanessalisa Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
Is there more to this chapter
JulianneKnight Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'm  hoping to add more soon, but I'vee been so busy lately that I've fallen behind on many of my projects. There will be more, I just don't know when.
Vanessalisa Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
Oh ok then and at begining of the comics is the child alive
JulianneKnight Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yes. He's on the cover. 
Vanessalisa Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
And how come the kid said your not my baba
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